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We have always tried to help people as best we can with finance and money and are trying to think of new ways that we can do so. We have noticed lately that more people are finding it harder to manage their money and so decided that it could be useful to provide some information that might help. That is where this website came form and the ideas behind it. We thought that it would be useful to put forward some information that will help as many people as possible and so picked topics, all about money, which we thought people would find useful. We hope that things are well explained so that it is easy for people to understand and for them to make decisions about what the best ways are to decide on whether to take out financial products. We hope we have emphasised the importance of thinking things through a lot and trying to make sure that you match the right product to your needs. We hope that by doing this people will improve their financial decision making skills which will in turn lead then to improving their finances overall. We know it is not easy, but hopefully once people realise what thought processes they need to go through, it will make it easier.