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9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5.30pm

Night Market Top Tips




Grainger Market Christmas Night Market—TOP TIPS

Friday 1 December 2017



Remember to wrap up warmly


Bring cash

There are no cash machines in the Grainger Market, but some shops have card machines.  The closest cash machines are on Clayton Street and at Monument.


Print the map

Print out a copy of the map, or bring it on your phone.

Click here is to see the map



Support the performers—seats and tables will be near or around them

Click here to see the schedule of performances for all four stages








Grainger Market Christmas Night Market


Friday 1 December 2017

Open til 10pm


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