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Love Your Local Market


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Tell us what you love most about the Grainger Market.  It could be a story, your favourite stall, a photo.  See some you’ve already sent us here.


Send them to us and we’ll include a selection of them here:



What’s it all about?


The Love Your Local Market campaign celebrates everything that’s great in markets up and down the country  and beyond.  In doing so, the campaign raises awareness of the markets industry as a whole.


Several Grainger Market traders take part in the campaign.  Watch out for more details inside the Grainger Market over the coming weeks, or visit the Love Your Local Market Web site


This year, the focus of the project will be Love Your Local Market Fortnight, being held between 13 & 27 May 2015.  It’s a great time to shop in the Grainger Market, or another local market near you.  It’s also a great time to visit the Grainger Market for the first time if you’ve never been before.  Explore a little more about what the Grainger Market has to offer on this Web site.

Did you know?

Source: “Markets Matter Reviewing the evidence & detecting the market effect” published by Manchester Metropolitan University


Retail markets’ turnover is worth £10.5 billion annually to the UK economy


UK markets employ over 100,000 people in 2008


Markets contribute to key factors for improving the vitality and vibrancy of town centres


Visit Britain says markets are “unique, quirky, unusual”


Markets are crucial to the distinct identity of a town


Markets offer food security


Join in the fun!


Start by visiting the Grainger Market, or another market local to where you are.  The 100 businesses in the Grainger Market appreciate your support.


This year the Love Your Local Market team are running photo and video competitions.


Video competition


Capture what you love about your local market!  The winner will be decided by the number of likes on the Love Your Local Market page on Facebook.


Photo competition


There are four categories with a prize for each: Loveliest (market, customer, product, trader etc), Youngest (trader, business, customers, etc), Longest (market, visiting customers, serving trader/management, etc) and Merriest (product, trader, customer, etc).


Again, the winner will be decided by the number of likes on the Love Your Local Market page on Facebook.


For more information on these competitions, read this article.

Love Your Local Market in international


This year’s campaign is international, with markets from many countries taking part, including:


Germany Erlebe deinen Markt


The Netherlands Alles over de markt



Markets-related articles


Market Trade News’ article by Ellie Gill from 21 April


Read the latest blog post from the Love Your Local Market team: Markets matter and now there is more proof


Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Place Management’s report for NABMA: Markets Matter